Data & Software Products

GONG H-Alpha Viewer

A web application for facilitating the exploration of the GONG H-Alpha images

The user can search for an observation using their time stamps or file names, and see the next and previous observation in a user-friendly setting. For each observation, the link to its corresponding FITS file and Header file are available as well.


Web App

Image Distributor

A standalone software for distribution of GONG H-Alpha Images for manual annotation of solar filaments

This software distributes GONG H-Alpha Images among a group of annotators. It assumes that there are n groups of annotators, each made of m annotators who work on the same set of images, although independently, i.e., without having access to each other's annotations.


FITS2JPEG Convertor

A standalone software for conversion of H-Alpha Observations from the FITS format to JPEG

The project is a simple Python wrapper that makes use of NVSS's conversion software which in turn is a modernized version of Bill Cotton's implementation.


More products will be released soon.